Thursday, June 9, 2011

A little bit of quirky

Mooville Spooky Yaga Skybox
A while back, someone described me on her blog  me as quirky. At first I was a bit offended . Quirky? Quirky? What the hell is that?... weird?.... strange?... bizarre? I took her comment it to be something negative.I was reminded of this earlier this week when a friend of mine from Germany  told me that someone had called her quirky and she had to look up the word to find out what it meant. What she told me made me rethink. She was flattered that she was called  quirky. She has always considered herself to be out of the mainstream and very creative. We talked about it and I feel much better about being quirky. I have always been like this. As a small child I suffered from severe allergies and spent my summers in the library reading about all kinds of things,  daydreaming about far off places or at home doing some kind of arts and crafts. I like having a very small circle of friends and a large group of acquaintances to hang out with from time to time. I'm kind of like a bee (bee) going from group to group , visiting .....gathering all kinds of tidbits. Currently, I have what seems like a million projects planned or in the works. Who knows which way my  quirkiness will take me. I like being creative and being a wacky-doodle as my kids like to call  my sense of style.You are welcome to visit me in Mooville (Soda Springs , InWorldz) to see what is up.   While you are there, check out  Spooky Yaga Skybox , my Prim-o-Sketch and the new and improved canned Whoopass. :-)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Are we having fun still?

Did you ever love something so much that you became kind of was all you wanted to do...and then you took on way too much and started to over commit and the fun thing that you loved so much began to feel like work? You started to feel guilty because you couldn't  commit to all the things that other people including the folks at home wanted you to do and  taking time to build something cool  for yourself seems like you were doing something wrong? Welcome to my  world.
When I first  joined the SL community in 2008, I decided that I would stay as long as I was having fun. When I joined InWorldz in late 2009, that thinking  still held true. However since March of this year, I have been wrestling with this and have decided that I am not having fun in my virtual worlds.  I have since revised my thinking on quitting. I'm not having as much fun, but I am not going to quit . I realized that I have invested too much time and energy , not to mention  money in my virtual existence to  quit right now.
 As of last week, I decided that will  be doing do what I want to do as long as I am  am having fun doing it. During the summer, I will be enjoying myself in the great outdoors and dropping in to my worlds when I feel like it. There will be no fixed schedule and I won't let myself  feel bad about it. I may try to learn some bells and whistles of my new Photoshop program,  I may even try to figure out how to customize my sim on a stick. I may or may not work on a very neglected Mooville. I don't know yet, what I do know is ...what ever I do chose to do, I will be having fun while doing it and who knows, I might even blog about it.