Friday, December 3, 2010

A look back @ Steelheart Village

It started as a if you build it, they will come moment. I had a dream have a place where all kinds of people could live work and play together, especially folks new to SL.
When I discovered SL, about 2 and a half  years , ago it was because of a not very positive newspaper article. I was curious to discover what kind of thing could make people so stupid. (still haven't found out.) What I did find was a great way to meet and  have with fun folks from around the globe. I had a great time meeting new friends and even learning to build. I wanted to have some place nice for my friends to hang out in and after consultation with  friends, the idea was born.

About a year and a half ago, I bought a 1/4 sim of Linden Mainland through an auction. As other land became available in the sim, John  snapped  it up. All in all, we owned 3/4 of the sim. We named our little venture, Steelheart Village.

Our village was our second life home after giving up homestead island living, as we spent all of our on line time there. We created to a group member sandbox, a movie theater,a community center, several rental cottages, an arcade,  nature areas with fishing and free horseback riding, and a Linden featured destination art gallery .

We hosted free holiday and builders marketplaces, built a ice skating pond and winter wonderland complete with a weather system.

Winter  at Steelheart

Holiday Market and Winter Wonderland

We have also played host to numerous stores, a dance plaza, Serene Bechir's poetry reading group, live music, live theater and comedy, Brendan Shoreland's  English Folk club , and John's amazingly cozy Black Kitty Pub.

Live Theater - Talented  Villagers

Steelheart Village Birthday Bash
 Comedian Sella Scarbridge( top rt), Singer Songwriter Lexus Melodie(left) Fiddle wunderkind Beth Odets(rt)

English Folk Club hosted by founder  Brendan Shoreland
It was also home to villagers who would otherwise have no other place to call  home. It was our little community and I thank those of you who helped to make it what it was. On December 8th, 2010, this dream will be over ...a mostly pleasant memory and I will miss it.

 On Wednesday at Noon SLT, the last village performance of the English Folk Club will mark the closing of Steelheart Village and my stepping a way from paying tier in Second Life. You are invited to come and reminisce with us, I have it on good authority that it will be fantastic! Brendan and Serene have found a new home  in the Village of Mystery and their idea of bringing world folk music to SL will live on. The Gadgeteria store with the amazing Profile Sniffy (lol) and Sit N Win will also live on, but in much smaller digs.

As for me, I will not bash SL or Linden Lab as it is a waste of time to do so. I'm not leaving SL, I'll will still own a tiny bit of land near friends, and I still have the business to run. I plan to visit with my friends and attend events that interest me. I live happily as Bebe Mahogany and (alt) Bebelou Naidoo in InWorldz  now....In an ocean front sim called  MOOVILLE  in Soda Springs.There are some stores, but it is not a mall. There is a place for being creative, hanging out and being entertained. Some friends from SL have stores there and I may add more. We plan to have live music music too.I don't have to worry about making tier, I  can do what I think feels right and looks right. I'm not sure what Mooville will be yet, what kind of sim it will be.  I can tell you this, There will be no drama and no stress. Mooville (Inworldz link) is my dream now ...It's all mine..It is where I live, work and play. It is my virtual playground...and you are invited to come to come play there is plenty of room.



  1. Wow those pictures tell a story. I'm thrilled that you are in InWorldz, but I know it must be bittersweet to be letting Steelheart go. (((hugs)))

  2. Thanks Whiskey.But was is time to move on. Good news though,starting Dec.14th, The English Folk Club will be hosted in the Village of Mystery. Thank goodness they are going to be with friends.