Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Skin I'm In.

The New Me!

You  know that I have been passionately crusading for choices in African ancestored avatar skin  in Inworldz (and in the other grids I frequent too).  I have finally  have  what I wanted in the first place,  a choice. A choice  of what I want to look like, a choice between several pretty avatars with ethnic features that I want to  identify with. I found my ideal skin at Kiko Life Digital Cosmetics.  I will admit that I have an interest in Kiko Life. Osuntomi Melendez , owner of Kiko Life Digital Cosmetics is a friend of mine from SL .She has also set up shop in Inworldz  in ...Mooville!.  Even if she wasn't, I would still sing her praises. Kiko skins Rock! No seams, no blotches, no harsh features. Kiko Life  offered me  a huge variety of skin tones to chose from ...from pretty very pale (custard) to a dreamy delicious dark (walnut).   Each tone has lots of options 9 in all. She has also stocked her amazing makeups that are designed to go with any skin.  You can check them out by looking at her forum post or by popping over to Mooville. I am a happy camper, I have what I want, but I am sure others are still looking. Inworldz has just taken a baby step into being a more diverse virtual world,  but at least it is a step.

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